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Allison Gramlich is the proud Owner and Director of Contemporary Academy of Dance. 

Allison began dancing as a child, performing and competing.  She then continued her dance education at West Chester University.  She graduated from West Chester University in 2015, where she studied Business Management and Dance Performance.  Her dance training in college focused on dance performance and teaching. Here she gained hands-on experience teaching and choreographing for children as well as her peers.  She also assisted in college level dance courses. Allison was a member and performed with the University Dance Company at West Chester University.

She has years of performance and teaching experience, which also extends to adult dance fitness.  She began teaching adult dance fitness classes at different facilities at the age of 16.  She then went on to teach dance at local dance studios. 


Allison has a true love for dance and especially teaching.  Dance has always had a special place in her heart and she is thrilled to have the opportunity to share that passion with her students.

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