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Fall Tuition

$20 Registration Fee per family

1 Class- $52/month

2 Classes - $100/month

3 Classes- $144/month

4 Classes -$184/month

5 Classes- $220/month

6 Classes- $252/month

7 & up Classes - $280/month


Recital Costume Fee- $60 per student per class, due November 9, 2023.

Private Lessons- We offer private lessons, contact us for pricing and available times.  You must be enrolled in at least 1 other class to enroll in private lessons.

  • All tuition is due by the 1st class of each month, a bill will not be sent out.

  • Late payments will be charged a $10 late fee if not paid by the 2nd class of the month. 

  • Fall Tuition is based on a yearly rate and is divided evenly among the 10 months of the Fall Session.  Tuition is the same every month, regardless of Holidays or the number of classes in each month. 

  • Fall Tuition is a monthly fee and cannot be prorated for Holidays or missed classes.  Make-up classes for missed classes may be scheduled upon request.

Summer Tuition

$12 a class

  • Tuition is due at the beginning of each class.

  • The Fall Registration Fee will be waived if you attend summer classes. 

All Tuition

  • Payments can be made by cash or checks. Make checks payable to Contemporary Academy of Dance. Payments are non-refundable.


  • There will be a $10 fee for all returned checks.

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